Livelihood & Food Security

Livelihood & Food Security

Purulia is one of the arid district zones of West Bengal that is not compatible with the growth and development of agricultural products. Hard soil, characterised by stone-chips, hard sand and soil that is not capable of holding water and sufficient nutrient content, paucity of underground water resource and rare rain fall, dominant trend of dry hot weather have been the biggest hurdles for agricultural production in the district.

Major food grains always have to be imported from different districts including all supplementary food items that virtually lead to rise of food cost and living cost altogether and on the other hand there is no industry in the district due to absence of proper development planning and foresight of public authority. The overall situation is very bleak in terms of living standards of common people.

Agonising poverty, severe malnutrition of children and adults people have significantly reduced the chances of life expectancy, lower-level of literacy, inadequate health care facilities, early-age marriage coupled with poor heath status of married girls have further aggravated the situation and as a result the life of community people hang on vicious cycle of grinding poverty and illiteracy. Till date, the government has very limited reach to engage in development works for the people of the district and thus appreciating the critical situation a number of civil society organisations, voluntary initiatives and international aid agencies came forward and extend project based support to the people in the district of Purulia. 

The main activity of the project are including: build-up grain-bank, capacity building trainings of Self Help Group (SHGS), awareness about different poverty alleviation schemes and support services to such linkages, role and functions of Gram Panchayats and other government agencies, Right to Information of the access to PDS systems, alternative agriculture, animal husbandry. 

Due to our intervention, the common people are now getting access to various schemes of government including public distribution systems (PDS) and they also engaged in micro-credit business although very few people have been able to get access to such facilities. We are on the look out, for more external support from aid agencies to cover all the people deserve to get access to such basic necessities of life.