Child Rights & Education

Child Rights & Education

We are running Pre-Primary Education for the children- in the age group of two and half to five years- in the districts of Purulia and Murshidabad of West Bengal, India. There are 18 Pre-primary education centers and 9 After School Progrtamme in Purulia district and 9 Pre-primary education centers in the district of Murshidabad. 

We ensure quality education through various major activities namely: training and workshop for teachers on pedagogy and curriculum and TLM making, survey non-school going children and extend counseling services for the parents for enrolment and continue of schooling, networking with government schools and strengthening their systems for ensuring quality education, NGOS, CBOS and other stakeholders such as Gram Panchayet, Gram Unnayan Sansad, Gram Sabha (three tiers of local self-governance systems in India). 

We are also used to organize Annual Sports for the children and cultural programmes such as drawing, dance and drama, recitation through various community based programmes. We also have special provisions for the education of disabled children through special educators and programmes are community based in which peoples participation has always been ensured. 

We have introduced ALCHIKI script for the Santali language (one of the main languages of tribal people of Purulia district) as the medium of instruction in the schools as mother tongue. Besides Santali, language the children are also learning Bengali and English languages along with Life Science, Mathematics, Moral Science and Geography. 

After the substantial academic training, children are being admitted into Primary School run by Government, where they continue their studies. During last financial year, we have been able to ensure admission into Primary schools of around 223 children from our Pre-primary education centers to Government run Primary Schools in the district. Moreover, a good number of children who received pre-primary education in our centers are continuing their studies at either high schools or University levels and those who achieved university degrees, engaged into different occupations of their choice and become self-reliant. 

A large number of bright students who passed out from our pre-primary education centers are getting financial and other requisite back-up support from Mandra Lions Club so that they could earn their bread and butter through proper professional engagements and ensure proper education for the next generation. So far, we have been able to enroll 15000 children to Government Primary School and 700 numbers of children are in the pipe line and they will be admitted after 31st March, 2011. We has been started an initiative of AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMME i.e. after School Classes in seven tribal dominated government primary Schools on pilot basis for quality development of lagging behind students. This is also a vital clause of Right to Education Act. 

We are also working in the adolescent promotion program at Balarampore Block of Purulia District.